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Marc Dunn is a Certified Recovery Coach and Trainer of the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy
Sober Escort, Group Therapy Facilitator, Writer, Advocate and Aftercare Specialist

Marc’s sober anniversary is Nov. 29, 2005. Married for over 30 years with three grown children, he resides in Cooper City, Florida. An avid recovery blogger at The Rest Of Your Life, Marc hosts a live weekly online meeting on, a Global Recovery Network.
A prolific writer, Marc’s words of experience, strength and hope can be found on Reach Out Recovery, The Toast, I Love Recovery Cafe and more. He has appeared as a guest on The Jewish Network TV Show “To Life” and the Take12Radio Podcast.
In 2015, Marc directed and spoke at Addiction Recovery Forum. This can be seen on YouTube:
Marc is also the Publisher / Editor of “The Rest Of Your Life” by Allen Reid McGinnis (Available on Kindle:
On a daily basis Marc tries to carry his message of hope and recovery to others. Contact him at

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