Heroin Overdoses

Heroin Overdoses In Florida

We need rehabilitation, education and support to fight this epidemic. It is killing people of all ages and demographics.

It’s not a city or rural problem, or particular type of people problem; addiction does not discriminate.

Please speak out and become part of the solution.

Building Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual Renewal

Just as God had instructed Moses, the Israelites had done all the work… Exodus 39:42
These are the accounts of the Tabernacle… Exodus 38:21
…a hundred sockets for hundred talents, a talent for a socket.
Exodus 38:7

This is the last chapter of the Book of Exodus. God has forgiven the Israelites their transgressions and in binding the covenant insuring a lasting relationship based on prayer, community and willingness to have no other God.

It is not a coincidence that the instructions for building the Tabernacle include a specific number of sockets for the exact same number of talents. These refer to measures of silver and support beams for the structure. But more importantly Jewish law asks us to recite one hundred blessings every day, reminding us of the foundation of our spiritual renewal.

Creating a new structure requires starting with the base putting together new pieces connected with proper fasteners, wire, pipe and cement. It will not hold together if we simply patch the old. It is the same with our spiritual renewal; we must create it from the beginning.

Thanking the Sunlight of the Spirit one hundred times each day is an expression of our gratitude connecting us with God’s Power so that we may understand what we should do: the next right thing. Our mind is shifted from what is missing in our life to what we have to be thankful for.

Seeking the spiritual depth to recite one hundred blessings every day is progress on our path, and we seek progress not perfection. At the very least we are thankful every day to have today.

Sanskrit Proverb – Life

Look to this day, for it is life,
The very life of life in its brief course lies all.
The realities and verities of existence, the bliss of growth, the splendor of action, the glory of power.
For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore to this day.

Truth or Lie

You may wonder what the truth is but you definitely know what a lie is.
Everyone knows when he or she is being lied to even if they won’t admit it. Sometimes. we eat the lie because it goes down easier than the truth, but we still know it’s a lie. It was just easier to swallow, then to spit it out. Maybe we just wanted it to be over. I dunno. Anyway, We’ve all been there, but I don’t think we’ve all been at the same crossroads for so many reasons at the same time.
So how are we gonna recognize the truth?

My suggestions are:
Don’t be in a hurry to decide
Ask a few friends who you respect and trust
Read a few opinions in & out of your usual circle
Ask some folks, especially older or younger ones
Test to see if it makes you uncomfortable, cause if it does it might be challenging values you aren’t sure about. And if so, why?
If you’re ready to go to any lengths, then you will intuitively know how to handle situations that use to baffle you.
It ain’t gonna be easy, but maybe for the first time in your life make some tough fucking decisions. The easier softer way is leaving you with shit.
It’s not about being popular, it’s about what is the right thing to do.

Act by values and principles and you better decide what yours are quick. Cause these bad people with bad choices are moving fast and they aren’t playing nice.

Home – Prayer of Desperation

Pleading prayer of desperation, “Please God, please God, let me come home from the wars.” As far as I know, I have never read that anywhere. It came out of a heart filled with despair and anguish and self-reproach and self-hatred. But I knew the minute I heard it that the key word was home … home. It was coming out of a guy who had never ever, in his life, felt at home.
A home is where the heart finds rest and renewal. That’s where coming home is. I am far enough along in the journey now to be able to see that there is only one ultimate coming home, and that is the final, total, complete, surrender of self to a Power greater than myself. I’m also brave enough today to believe that there will come a day, there will be a place sometime, somewhere, someday, there will be an altar or a confessional, a mountain or a valley … probably in all likelihood .. just a plain, everyday, run-of the-mill AA meeting, where I will finally no longer pull back and say, “Oh, my God, no, no, don’t ask that of me, don’t take that away from me too.”
And when that moment comes, then I know that I will have finally come home. In the meantime, I am more at home here than anywhere I have ever been in my life. I’m more at home here for a very simple reason … you have never, ever asked anything of me … therefore I have been able to give you what I could afford.
What I’m trying to do tonight is to tell you that I have made a return, for as T. S. Eliot said, “There will never be any end from exploring, and the end of all our exploration will be to return to the place where we started and to see it for the first time.”
That is why I tell you, it took something that almost killed me to return me finally to the place where I started, to see it for the first time, and to return to you tonight and tell you that this journey has been worth everything I have been asked to pay to make it.

by Allen Reid McGinnis
The Rest Of Your Life

My Prayer For You

I thought of you today so I went to my Higher Power for you in my prayer for you.
I asked the Spirit to watch over you and show you that we care.
My prayer for you was not for rewards that you can touch or feel, but true rewards for happiness at are much more real.
May you know rewards like love and understanding in the things you do, and guidance when you need it most to see your trouble through.
I asked the Sunlight of the Spirit for your good health, for your future to be peaceful and bright, and that you have faith to accept life’s challenges and the courage to what is right.
I gave thanks for us knowing each other and accepting my prayer for you to bring peace and love to all.
May you feel the warmth, positive energy and blessings in your life.

Substance Recovery Coach Team

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