SUD Recovery Benefits

ADDICTION IS A DISEASEProgresses Without Cure Similar to Diabetes without Insulin
Sobriety is the absence of mood altering substances

The Solution or Treatment Includes Lifestyle Changes of the Body, Mind, Spirit
First Drink or Drug leads to endless progression and relapse
No SAFE way to drink or use substances for someone with a disorder

The Solution Requires the Following Self-Awareness
Desire For LIFE over DEATH
Choose a good quality of life
Choose better nutrition by eating healthy meals; 3 per day and a couple of snacks
Exercise regularly
Spiritual Connection – Meditation
Learn to be OK with feelings/emotions ( it is a strength not weakness)
Being Human

Quality substance misuse recovery requires an atmosphere of healing that includes connection with treatment and lifestyle changes that are assisting people recover in creative ways; Holistic, Nutritional, Motivational Interviewing, Group Therapy, Individual Counseling, Physical Fitness and Legal & Financial Counseling as well as traditional methods.

Mindfulness Coach Team

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