Coach Profile

Marc J Dunn is a Certified SUD Recovery Coach & Trainer, Lifestyle Mindfulness Meditation Coach, a Writer and Advocate.

For 30+ years of his professional career he has been an entrepreneur and business owner or held a senior management position.

Over the last 10 years his experience has included certification as a SUD Recovery Coach, Mindfulness Trainer, Behavioral Health Specialist, Trainer of Specialists and Continuing Education including the following:

  • HIPPA/Confidentiality Training
  • Americans With Disability Act Training
  • Verbal de-Escalating of Patients In Behavioral Healthcare Settings
  • Risk Management & Incident Reporting
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Domestic Violence
  • Safety Training – Fire, Weapons, Verbal De-Escalation
  • LGBT Addiction Training Methods
  • Women and Trauma Addiction Training

He has written for Reach Out Recovery, The Toast, I Love Recovery Cafe and others. He has appeared as a guest on The Jewish Network TV Show “To Life” and the Take12Radio Podcast.

He Directed and spoke at Addiction Recovery Forum last year, which is now on YouTube:

Marc Dunn is the Publisher and Editor  – The Rest Of Your Life by Allen Reid McGinnis

Mindfulness SUD & Lifestyle Coach