Giving Thanks

If one offers it for thanksgiving. Leviticus 7:12

Sacrifices dominate the beginning of Leviticus; we are instructed in how to, what kind and what for. Since the Torah was received and orally transmitted, it was also said by the early sages and later the Rabbis that when we entered the Messianic era there would not be any need for sacrifices. But the offer of thanksgiving would never end.

The prayers of giving thanks must be more important and of special significance in our lives. Accordingly if we are on a journey of spiritual renewal then it makes sense to be thankful in our prayers each and every time we pray. We are being more aware of things we should be thankful for, then it behooves us to bring them front and center in our prayers. Renewal sharpens our senses, and makes us more appreciative of the wonders of the universe and just how fortunate we are. The Power of the Universe that makes it all possible is deserving of daily, moment-to-moment, thanks.

If ever there is a question of a Higher Power in our lives, we need only behold the heavenly skies at night, or the landscape of a beach with an unlimited view of the ocean and the sun setting. Spiritual growth can begin with simplicity, “God I don’t know if you are there, but if you are, thank you.”

Our prayers of thanks slowly become more than just utterances from our lips, they become an expression of the life we are living and the acts of goodness we perceive and pursue.

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