This is a Jewish tradition and ritual. Put aside the religious aspect and read it as a message of spiritual principles. It speaks to RECOVERY AND INTROSPECTION…

The beginning of the New Year according to our religious calendar is in a couple of weeks. It is the time of year to reflect on our choices as a person and member of a community. Introspection is suggested as often as necessary if we have committed any wrongs towards anyone at anytime. It is a ritual we practice often and focus our attention to it before the final prayers of the year.

As we end the Jewish Year we are asked to do one thing: Choose Life, after accepting a Power greater than ourselves in creation and life we are asked to love the Almighty and live by the commandments, always keeping God in our lives, for then we and our offspring shall live a life of joy and freedom.

We begin to ready ourselves for the Days of Awe with a fearless and moral inventory of our actions and thoughts. We are instructed to look at ourselves from the inside, to ask God for forgiveness and ready ourselves for repentance. The intent is to renew our God Consciousness and by words of prayer seek a Divine will for us. If we are to have a relationship with God, similar to Abraham’s, and then we must be rigorously honest in all our affairs. When we have separated ourselves from our Higher Power by our bad choices, whether in thought or deed, we have prolonged our returning to that Higher Power. This is the time to examine that relationship with this Power and to either repair it or build a new one. We are given this opportunity at least yearly because we have a loving and kind God who only wants good for us. If we will accept The Almighty’s will for us and put our relationship with The Power of the Universe above all else.

In the Book of Psalms there are daily reminders of our seeking God in our lives, and of the embrace constantly waiting for us. The covenant that is made with each of us before we are born is that “We shall be a light unto the nations.” This is both a burden and a blessing. We are chosen, to carry this message to others who are suffering and give away what has been freely given to us. As Uncle Ben channeling Voltaire says to Spidey, “with great power comes great responsibility”

One must repeatedly confide in another person, a spiritual counselor or trusted friend, all improper thoughts and actions which have come to one’s heart or mind. In this way, with God’s will, we can rid ourselves of our defects of character.

Once we have processed our limitations and asked God for help, we are prepared for reconciliation and forgiveness from those we have wronged. Even if we feel others have wronged us, it is our “side of the street” we are concerned with. We must examine what part we played in creating the resentment and seek forgiveness of our self from God and be forgiving of others.

Throughout this time of year we approach God and others with humility, we seek to understand rather than be understood, to comfort rather than to be comforted and to love without expecting to be loved. We want to bring peace and the spirit of forgiveness to all who we encounter.

The act of turning to a life of Spirit is a continual process, one that we work on our entire lives. We are given the opportunity for a fresh start every day. We cannot be concerned about how long it will take or where the end of this journey is. The important thing is to find the road, get on it and stay there.

We seek spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection. Spirituality by definition is imperfect, as are human beings.

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