Life Choices

“Do this and you shall live.” Genesis 42:18

Do this, and I will live. Sounds pretty simple. Now, all I have to do is figure out what “this” is. It’s really easier than you think. But you have to look for the answers, chase after them. They are not going to come chasing after you.

The Rabbis tell of a wicked man who committed all kinds of sins. One day he asked a wise man to teach him an easy way to repent. The wise man said, “ Refrain from telling lies.”

That’s a beginning. Starting the process and being comfortable may hurt but the more we do it the more comfortable it becomes. First of all, stop lying to you be really frank. It will get better. God only asks that we make progress. There isn’t any perfection except in The Power of the Universe and it only wants you to be happy, joyous and free.

Then stop lying to everyone else. Make truth part of your soul, the fabric of your heart, and walk on that path without doing harm. Be gentle and loving in all your truth. The Psalmist says, “ Light is sown for the righteous.” Let truth illumine your path and guide you on your journey.

We are searching for and living in spiritual renewal, and by making positive choices with awareness and full recognition of rejecting the negativity, we enlarge our spiritual life.

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